WhisperNode operates robust, high up-time validators across multiple Cosmos-based blockchains. We are highly active participants in the communities we validate for as we believe this is a necessity for effective on-chain governance and staying up to date on all network issues.

  • Protection

    We protect you. We offer soft-slash protection. We refund downtime slashing to 100%.

  • Monitoring

    We monitor our servers 24/7 and have alerting systems in place something goes unexpected. Years of experience managing nodes helped us setup a high quality monitoring.

  • Participation

    WhisperNode recognizes that validators play a key role in each network's success. It's vital to be active participants in network proposals and provide a voice to delegators in all governance matters. We will always be a big part of any community we validate for!


Secret Network is the first blockchain with data privacy by default for smart contracts. With Secret Network, developers can finally build decentralized and permissionless applications that also protect users and preserve privacy. Learn More.


Sentinel Network is a network layer that enables a true p2p and decentralized applications and resources marketplace. Sentinel enables anyone to create Public and Private networks that provide access to both free and incentivized, and also payment method agnostic (pre-paid/escrow/post-paid) services (dApps) & distributed resources, enabling its clients to become both producers and consumers in the network. Learn More.



Osmosis is an advanced AMM protocol built using the Cosmos SDK that will allow developers to design, build, and deploy their own customized AMMs. Heterogeneity and sovereignty are two core tenets of the Cosmos ecosystem, and Osmosis takes these two values and extends them into core characteristics of this AMM protocol. Learn More.



WhisperNode takes pride in being an integral part of the communities we support. Check out our tutorials for Secret Network and Sentinel Network, and don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like us to make something for the community!

Secret Network
Ledger Delegation Tutorial

This tutorial shows Secret Network (SCRT) delegators how to delegate their tokens to validators using a Ledger Wallet and Puzzle.Report.


Wallet Upgrade Tutorial

This tutorial shows Secret Network (SCRT) delegators how to delegate their tokens to validators using a Ledger Wallet and Puzzle.Report.



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Meet the Team

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    Brendan Kittredge
    Co-Founder & CEO
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    Nick Hagianis
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    Ben Schwartz